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Streamline Your Financial Management with Kuboon

Our Events

deBanked connect Miami 2023 took place on January 19th at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach. The event provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to network with like-minded individuals and have a great time, we also showcased Kuboon Tech demo in the event. We had an Awesome Event at debanked on 19th January. Many Prospects were interested in our solution. We are very Excited about Future

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Brysen Partridge of Kuboon at deBanked CONNECT MIAMI



Shorten time to funding by accessing financials "directly in your CRM (Salesforce,Hubspot and proprietary)


"See important financialinformation within seconds," right in your CRM. NO Development work!


Bring customer financials right into your CRM. We promise you wont miss the emails.


Make underwriting decisions and within seconds. Underwriting doesn't have to be painful.


The Best integrated

Financial Software Solutions:

About Kuboon

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Kuboon offers a cloud-based accounting system that includes invoice processing, accounts payable, payment management, bookkeeping, general ledger reporting, bank reconciliation, time tracking, and inventory management. Its main highlight is banking integration, which enables users to sync their bank account with the software so they can make online payments directly from Kuboon without entering their login information to their banking partner’s portal.

Risk-Based Authentication:

Kuboon provides risk mitigation and fraud management solutions to merchants and financial institutions. The software gives a range of functionalities that help lessen the potential for online fraud, manage fraud risk, and collect a rich dataset for more accurate risk-based authentication.

Automate Processes for Payments:


With the assistance of Kuboon, businesses, and professionals can automate procedures for taking payments online from customers using credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies. Individuals can make decisions to enhance business performance by tracking website sales and creating reports using the technology.


What We Do

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Financial Management Solutions

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ACH Details

A network called ACH is used to electronically transfer funds between bank accounts all over the US. Instead of passing through card networks like Visa or Mastercard. A popular name for an ACH payment is an ACH transfer or ACH transaction.

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Bank PDF Statements

Through personalization and interactivity, our mobile-centric and interactive digital bank statement solutions transform printed bank statements and eStatements into engaging experiences within your clients' preferred banking channels

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Expense Calculation

By enabling your customers to see where their money is going, you can give them a richer digital experience. To determine the merchant, location, and category of each bank transaction, use Kuboon.

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ID Verification

In this day and age, organizations want to know everything about their customers from a safe, fast, and reliable source. Kuboon's ability to be an all-inclusive source to know your customers is unparallel in the market.


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Improve lending & reduce risk

Using open banking can help banks speed up digital applications, make better decisions based on real-time data, and improve customer experience by reducing paperwork and friction

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Account Check

Create a quick and easy payment setup procedure by using real-time data directly from a user's bank account to verify account ownership

Expense Check.png

Expense Check

Determine spending patterns and how much is recurring on a monthly basis. Your spending will be analyzed so that you can readily understand where your money is going.

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Money Manager

Create intelligent, user-friendly personal finance management software to give your consumers the tools and individualized information they need to manage their finances better

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Income Check

Utilize real-time data to rapidly verify income in order to improve credit judgments and comprehend your consumers' true financial capability.

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Risk Insights

Start evaluating creditworthiness using current, accurate, and validated data that offers special insights into spending patterns.

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Aggregation Services

Connect 3400+ banks and leverage the data to personalize customer journeys and build innovative services



Giving your consumers a fully integrated payments experience at a low cost will increase engagement and conversion

Take a look inside the Kuboon Vault

Kuboon’s Finance Management products are designed to create unique and engaging user experiences, at scale.


Try the Vault now...

Kuboon Vault is pay-as-you-go with no monthly or annual contracts. Simply sign up and try us out. You can add the Kuboon widget inside of Salesforce in seconds. Ask us about any other CRM too.


Do you need help with getting open banking solutions up and running for your business? Get in touch today



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Our Team Member

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Brysen Partridge

Brysen Partridge is the Vice President of Sales and Co-Founder of Kuboon, an integrated financial data firm. With over 19 years of experience, his professional background is rooted in sales, software, and real estate. Mr. Partridge is a leader within the Fintech industry and prides himself on solution innovation to enhance his network and stay atop current market trends. Dedicated to exceptional customer service and quality, he excels at providing bespoke experiences for his clients. Brysen lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a proud father of two children. Out of the office, you can find him with family and friends, snowboarding in the winter, and competing with his Semi-Professional paintball team

Vice President of Sales

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Dalton Franklin

Dalton Franklin is Vice President of Product Development and Co-Founder of Kuboon, an integrated data platform for securely accessing and analyzing third party data. At Kuboon, Dalton leads integration of third party services into a hosted platform and manages the conversion of that data into usable intelligence. Organizations on the Kuboon platform are able to access intelligence to verify the financial stability of potential customers and business associates, evaluating features ranging from daily balance volatility to predictable, verifiable income and expense streams. Mr. Franklin has nearly three decades of experience in the technology industry, having exclusively focused on startups and acquisition facilitation. For more than ten years, he has become an expert engineer and product development manager servicing consumer lending portfolios. Those clients have included privately and publicly held companies, as well as tribal lenders. Their customers seek alternative means of finance via installment loans and longer term lines of credit. Dalton brings a special familiarity with the needs of such clients and customers to the product definition of Kuboon’s offering. More about Dalton After working in the technology consulting industry for several years before he turned twenty, Dalton had the honor of being the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. Dalton later received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Human & Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University. Mr. Franklin started his career working as an engineer in local IT outsourcing, white-label PC manufacturing, and consumer-focused commercial software development. His interest turned to more complex business problems early, and he has since specialized around highly regulated and legally driven industries. After leading several projects to automate the criminal case management and plea bargaining process across the state of Texas, he then worked first as a consultant and then as the founder of High Yield Services, an Alternative Finance focused technology consulting firm that he still operates. today.


Why Choose Us

Kuboon is a cloud-based online payment processing solution for different businesses. The product enablers can accept payments online and in person using computers, cellphones, and tablets. With Kuboon's virtual terminal interface, users may accept payments from clients by sending them a secure URL. Customers can make online and card payments by logging in on their PCs and cellphones. Credit cards, payment gateways and mobile wallets are several payment options that Kuboon allows. Additionally, it has an e-commerce payment management tool that enables customers to connect the payment URL to their online basket. Customers are then forwarded to a secure payment page where they can proceed with their transactions using the methods of their choice. The service can also be integrated by users with their company websites, which sends the payment data to Kuboon for transaction authorization. Kuboon offers 24/7 live support to all its customers. Users may also consult the support page for self-help guides.


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