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About us

Save better and spend better, with open banking

About Kuboon

Kuboon provides the trusted framework to connect banks, fintechs, and technology providers with simple and secure technology of open banking. Kuboon offers a reliable framework. Innovative apps and services catered to consumers' financial data are becoming possible thanks to open banking. We are Integrated Intelligence with no development work needed, plug-and-play in your CRM, or even our own Vault. At Kuboon, we believe that our solutions will soon become one of the biggest segments in the industry. We’ve only just started, but we already know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication, and industry knowledge

What is Open Banking?

You may transfer, manage, and earn more money with the help of open banking. To gain greater knowledge and control over your funds, opt-in to a world of safe applications and services. The goal behind open banking is to allow customers to authorize public access to their financial information. Better products and services that are personalized to each customer's individual demands couldn't be provided without this free-flowing, interlinked data stream. If customers didn't provide third-party providers (TPPs) access to their financial information, none of the advances made possible by open banking would be conceivable. TPPs must secure, filter, and process pertinent information with the consent of clients in order to start and offer high-quality products and services. The issue of consent management is important, and none of the parties involved should take it lightly. It requires extensive legal and technical knowledge, a reliable technology architecture, and diligence.


Enables services personalised to your finances

In control, manage your money with confidence

Trusted by over 6 million UK users

Every open banking provider is 100% regulated

How Open Banking Can Help Consumers?

To better understand your finances, from borrowing to saving, from credit ratings to switching, open banking is a safe and easy way to do so. It can also help you make more informed financial decisions. It’s also another way to pay bills, and for goods and services as an alternative to credit and debit cards, Direct Debits, and standing orders. The amount of money you make, the things you buy, the regular payments you pay, and even the amount you spend each week at the grocery store are all recorded in your bank account. Before the advent of open banking, your bank would merely hold onto the information or place it inside untouched bank statements. You can find apps, goods, and services that assist you in taking charge of your finances by enabling you to safely exchange that information with regulated businesses. You can manage your money more confidently, receive greater value, and enhance your financial welfare by having a clear picture of your finances. You always have control over the data you share, including whom you share it with and when you stop.

How Open Banking Can Help Business?

The United States small businesses may handle their finances more efficiently with the support of open banking, making them more tenacious, efficient, and profitable. This is achieved in two ways. -First, by granting companies access to current financial data at all times, allowing them to predict, request financing, and expedite payments while also better understanding and managing their finances. -Secondly, by providing an alternative to card payments for account-to-account (A2A) payments to clients or other firms that may be more affordable. Cash flow, credit costs, invoices, payroll, and a lot more business-related data are stored in your bank account. By enabling you to safely share such data with regulated businesses, including banks, fintech firms-you can find more services, cost-effective products, and apps to help you understand your business finance in a better way.

Enhance the security of your verifications.png

Enhance the security of your verifications

We all know email isn’t the most secure way to share financial documents. So, skip the email and switch to a tokenized process. It keeps sensitive information safe on a secure API.

Trade emails and faxes for APIs and tokenized requests.png

Trade emails and faxes for APIs and tokenized requests

Kuboon keeps financial data secure. And since it automatically pulls the most up-to- date records, underwriting is more convenient. No more digging through infinite email threads to find the document you need.

Make things easy for your lending customers.png

Make things easy for your lending customers

Give your customers a better lending experience. Sending and resending information over and over again can be frustrating. Erase this customer pain point and increase their loyalty in the process

Get to funding faster.png

Get to funding faster

Waiting on paperwork is an unnecessary lending hurdle. When you have instant access to up-to-date financial data, the whole underwriting process goes faster. And that means you’ll have more time for more deals.

Our Financial solutions

Access all the financial data you need in seconds.png

Access all the financial data you need in seconds

No more digging through email threads and waiting for your lending customers to get back to you. Just hop into your Kuboon vault in your CRM and immediately get the identification verification and banking and payroll data you need.

Bring financial data into your CRM.png

When you bring customer financials into your CRM, making financial decisions gets exponentially more convenient. Open your Kuboon vault, review banking and payroll data, verify identity, and get to funding faster.

Bring financial data into your CRM

A powerful integration with zero developer work required.png

A powerful integration with zero developer work required

Access all the financial data you need right in your CRM without any additional developer or IT work. It’s as simple as integrate and done.

Automate how you collect financial information.png

Automate how you collect financial information

Stop requesting updated versions of lending documents over email or fax. With Kuboon you get the most up-to-date financial data in real-time so you can make underwriting decisions faste

Company Core Values

Kuboon’s Finance Management products are designed to create unique and engaging user experiences, at scale.

Engage and empower

Kuboon’s Finance Management products are designed to create unique and engaging user experiences, at scale



Great agility

Help our customers access and move their money quickly and easily (manual and automated options)



Unified financial view

Categorize, analyze, and visualize data more clearly than ever, in one simple web & mobile app



Seamless user experience

Allow end user to exchange financial data through open banking, eliminate the need for filling out forms.



Improve financial health

Of our customer by providing relevant and personalized financial insights, advice and recommendation



Control Information Access

Allow end-user to manage consent on sharing account data with TPPs at any time.



One Platform-Many Solutions


Transactions History

Financial management software can help in the effective tracking of funds for both people and corporations. Financial management software must provide a transaction history function that enables users to view all of the financial transactions that have occurred over a specified time frame. Users can use this function to monitor their costs


Income Verification

Automated income verification is a procedure where a software program automatically gathers and validates information about a person's income, typically for use in loan or rental application processes. By doing away with manual recordkeeping, this approach also lessens the possibility of fraud or errors. 


ACH Details

By automating the transfer of cash between bank accounts, ACH payment processing software enables businesses to automate their payment processing operations. This software can be used for many different payment forms, such as vendor payments, consumer refunds, and direct deposit of staff paychecks. ACH payment processing software


Bank PDF Statements

Kuboon is an Open Banking Platform that provides the trusted framework to connect banks, fintechs and technical providers with simple and secure technology/solutions through Bank PDF Statements



A service that processes payroll for businesses, including payroll taxes, employee benefits, and direct deposit, is known as a payroll provider. Verifying someone's employment status, including their job title, employment history, is known as employment verification.


ID Verification

In this day and age,

 identity verification solutions organizations want to know everything about their customers in a safe, fast, and reliable source. Kuboon ability to be an all-inclusive source to know your customers is unparallel in the market.

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