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Access all the financial data you need in seconds

No more digging through email threads and waiting for your lending customers to get back to you. Just hop into your Kuboon vault in your CRM and immediately get the identification verification and banking and payroll data you need. 

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Bring financial data into your CRM

You organize everything else you need to know about clients in your CRM, so why not their financials? Bring identity verification, banking data, and payroll data into your CRM with simple integration. Zero development or IT maintenance required.

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Make underwriting decisions without ever leaving your CRM

When you bring customer financials into your CRM, making financial decisions gets exponentially more convenient. Open your Kuboon vault, review banking and payroll data, verify identity, and get to funding faster. 

A powerful integration with zero developer work required

Access all the financial data you need right in your CRM without any additional developer or IT work. It’s as simple as integrate and done. 

Automate how you collect financial information

Stop requesting updated versions of lending documents over email or fax. With Kuboon you get the most up-to-date financial data in real-time so you can make underwriting decisions faster. 

Enhance the security of your verifications

We all know email isn’t the most secure way to share financial documents. So skip the email and switch to a tokenized process. It keeps sensitive information safe on a secure API. 

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Trade emails and faxes for APIs and tokenized requests

Kuboon keeps financial data secure. And since it automatically pulls the most up-to-date records, underwriting is more convenient. No more digging through infinite email threads to find the document you need. 

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Make things easy for your lending customers

Give your customers a better lending experience. Sending and resending information over and over again can be frustrating. Erase this customer pain point and increase their loyalty in the process. 

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Get to funding faster

Waiting on paperwork is an unnecessary lending hurdle. When you have instant access to up-to-date financial data, the whole underwriting process goes faster. And that means you’ll have more time for more deals.