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Verify and validate addresses with Kuboon

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Address Verification:

Verify and validate addresses worldwide with local and global databases to stay ahead of fraudsters

Say good-bye to time-consuming customer onboarding by quickly verifying proof of address documents. Streamline the Address Verification process for your users to boost conversion rates without sacrificing security. With confirmed addresses, chargebacks are decreased and risk-free business flows are enabled. Using data from global address registers, you may instantly verify your customers' addresses in other nations and regions.

  •  Residential Address

  •  Business Address

  •  Legal Address



Enhance your Address Verification flow



The client submits a photo of the document that verifies their address.



We compare the data collected and ensure accuracy with human oversight.



By logging into their utility provider account, the user verifies their address.


Verification of Address

OCR technology is used to quickly extract a person's address from their identity paper and compare it in real time to the address the user has provided.

  • Automated data extraction

  • Real-time address document validation

  • Partial and Exact address match features


Address Search

Use Kuboon to verify whether the user's address is genuine or not. Check addresses through international databases.

  • Country-wise address databases

  • Databases from 230+ countries & territories

  • Real-time ghost address detection


Parsing of Addresses

Utilize the Kuboon data parsing service to break down your entered address into individual address fields, such as home number, street, etc.

  •  Address management

  •  Global lexicon and parsing

  •  Standardizations with USPS


Map My Address

Verify the user-provided address against geolocation information. Measure the distance between two addresses to look for anomalies.

  • Country-wise address databases

  • Databases from 230+ countries & territories

  • Real-time ghost address detection

Investment Planning

Working with thousands of business companies around the world for Ideas

Due to the fact that this endpoint initiates a synchronous request for new data, latency may be higher than it is for other Kuboon endpoints; if you experience problems, you may need to change the timeout period for your requests

  • Socially Responsible Investment

  • Comprehensive Investment Plans

  • Financial Planning for Business

  • Tax Mitigation Strategies

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Real-time address verification

Are you sick and tired of erroneous data entering your databases? Using real-time address verification that updates addresses at the moment of capture, stop it before it reaches your system.

How real-time address verification operates

Real-time address verification contributes to the correctness and validity of customer address data, making it a crucial part of banking software. See the following for real-time address verification.


Address Verification Software

 Customer onboarding as part of the resumption, when a new client establishes an account, we give them their address information. This address verification is recorded by the banking software and sent to an address verification provider with much more data analytics in banking.


Address Validation

Address data is standardized and parsed by the address verification service, which also corrects any spelling errors and abbreviations while identifying each component of the address and data management

Data Accuracy


Address Validation To find probable matches, the address verification service checks the processed address data to a database of data accuracy and valid addresses. The address is verified as being accurate and correct if a match is made.

Address Verification API

Software that incorporates address verification API can assist organizations in streamlining their address verification software, enhancing user experience and data integrity and analytics solutions.

Software Fusions

Avoid dealing with pointless coding. Our pre-built business resource planning (ERP) and relationship management (CRM) software products seamlessly connect. Don't waste time on complicated technicalities; just go to work gathering accurate addresses and data management.

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Contact Our Support Team

You may always rely on our amiable support team when you require expert financial assistance for problems that cannot be fixed with our knowledge base. We offer phone and chat support 24/7. Your financial inquiries can be answered by our friendly support team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Automated data extraction

  • Country-wise address databases

  • Financial Planning for Business

  • Real-time ghost address detection

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