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Track and Calculate expenses easily with our Kuboon

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Expense Calculations

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your financial management with our expense calculation services

By enabling your customers to see where their money is going, you can give them a richer digital experience. To determine the merchant, location, and category of each bank transaction, use Kuboon.



Merchant identification

Give your consumers detailed and comprehensive merchant information so they can quickly identify every bank transaction.


Discover the location of each transaction

Find each payment's location with extreme precision. Utilize this data to spot fraudulent transactions and offer your clients location-specific services.


Expense classification

By precisely categorizing living expenses into more than 500 categories, our advanced machine learning algorithms enable you to comprehend your customers' spending patterns. Utilize this information to assist your consumers in keeping track of their finances and understanding where their money is going.

Tracking your spending just got easier

Keep track of your expenditures on things like food and entertainment to see just how much you're spending and where. Your spending will be analyzed so that you can readily understand where your money is going.

Modern Expense Tracking

Table or a pie chart? In either case, a quick glance will reveal where your money is being spent. Kuboon keeps track of up to two years' worth of data to make it easier for you to understand your spending patterns. You are in charge, but we do the job.

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Stay on Track

Each transaction is automatically categorized, but you have the freedom to change categories or add your own unique subcategories. Are you curious about your monthly coffee spending? You can analyze your spending with Kuboon. Transactions can also be divided into a few other categories with ease.

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Compare your Spending and Income

Sometimes it's only necessary to consider an issue from an alternative perspective. You will get an easy-to-read side-by-side comparison of what is going out and what is coming in with the new analysis tool of Kuboon. This will help you better understand your spending over time and keep track of your progress as you go.

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Investment Planning

Working with thousands of business companies around the world for Ideas

Due to the fact that this endpoint initiates a synchronous request for new data, latency may be higher than it is for other Kuboon endpoints; if you experience problems, you may need to change the timeout period for your requests

  • Socially Responsible Investment

  • Comprehensive Investment Plans

  • Financial Planning for Business

  • Tax Mitigation Strategies

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Contact Our Support Team

You may always rely on our amiable support team when you require expert financial assistance for problems that cannot be fixed with our knowledge base. We offer phone and chat support 24/7. Your financial inquiries can be answered by our friendly support team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Automated data extraction

  • Country-wise address databases

  • Financial Planning for Business

  • Real-time ghost address detection

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