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Improve your business with Kuboon's ID verification software

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ID Verification

Ensure the security and integrity of your business and protect your customers with our ID verification software.

The risk of online fraud and other financial crimes is eliminated when you know who your customers are. Verify selfies, ID documents, and mobile 2FA in only 30 seconds from anywhere. In order to verify an individual's identification, advanced biometric and face recognition algorithms make sure that the faces being studied are authentic and forbid the use of 3D masks, pictures of faces, or other renderings or fabrications. Three-dimensional face maps can be used as impenetrable login and user authentication procedures.

Identity Verification Services

Face Verification Solution

Strong line of defense against identity theft and impersonation

Verification in ~5 seconds

 Protection against identity thieves

 Enhanced user experience

 Detection of spoof attacks

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Document Verification

Effectively verify user identity with unparalleled global coverage

 100% automated verification

 Identity fraud protection

Secure customer enrollment

 Real-time proof of identity

Factor Authentication

Increase security measures while preventing imposters.

Ultimate credential protection

Combat fraudsters in real-time

Enhanced user experience

 Prevent account takeovers

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Optimized for Your needs

Effortless Functionality

Years of experience in perfecting iDenfy’s ID verification functionality and focusing on providing the best possible experience.

UI Customization

The flexibility in the Identity verification flow is based on the client’s requirements to exceed customer needs.

Dynamic Steps

Adjustable ID verification flow with additional dynamic ID verification steps such as requirements for utility bills, bank statements, and more.

Autonomous Scalability

An unlimited amount of ID verifications are processed within a very short time - all while guaranteeing zero downtime.

Investment Planning

Working with thousands of business companies around the world for Ideas

Due to the fact that this endpoint initiates a synchronous request for new data, latency may be higher than it is for other Kuboon endpoints; if you experience problems, you may need to change the timeout period for your requests

  • Socially Responsible Investment

  • Comprehensive Investment Plans

  • Financial Planning for Business

  • Tax Mitigation Strategies

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Contact Our Support Team

You may always rely on our amiable support team when you require expert financial assistance for problems that cannot be fixed with our knowledge base. We offer phone and chat support 24/7. Your financial inquiries can be answered by our friendly support team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Automated data extraction

  • Country-wise address databases

  • Financial Planning for Business

  • Real-time ghost address detection

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