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Track and Analyze your financial activity with Kuboon

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Transaction History

Track and analyze your financial data management with Kuboon

The Transactions solution provides access to historical transaction data going back two years, together with contextual information such as category, merchant, and geolocation data.



Comprehensive data

Retrieve 2+ years of transaction data, including merchant and category information


Continuous transaction updates

Receive notifications via a webhook whenever there are fresh transactions connected to linked accounts to stay informed.


Open Banking/PSD2 integrations

Kuboon’s integrations are Open Banking and PSD2 compliant delivering secure and reliable access to U.S financial infrastructures. Application areas for transaction data include personal financial data management, cash flow modeling, expense reporting, risk assessment, etc. You may view a user's transaction history for depository-type accounts, including checking and savings accounts, credit-type accounts, consumer lending, credit cards, student loan accounts, and merchant loans with Kuboon's Transactions product online bank statements. Transaction data includes the date, category, amount, merchant, and location, among other things. For the purpose of filling out the name, transaction data is only partially sanitized and more thoroughly processed to populate the merchant_name field

⦁ Transactions updates

In financial management solutions, data from transactions is dynamic. Your users' transactions will alter over time as the banking institution processes their earlier ones and as they make new ones. Multiple times daily, Kuboon checks for new transaction data bank statements and uses webhooks to alert you to any changes so you can keep your app current.

⦁ Recurring transactions

You might want to view a summary of a user's inflows and outflows if your software includes personal financial management features. The /transactions/recurring/get endpoint gives an overview of the recurring inflow and outflow streams and includes details about each recurrent stream, such as the category, merchant, and most recent amount, among other information. Customers of Transactions can purchase the add-on /transactions/recurring/get. Send a product access request or get in touch with your Kuboon financial data management account manager to ask for access to this endpoint.

⦁ Make a Transactions request

The request specifies a precise date range to extract transaction data, including start and finish dates. To send a POST request, use the Transactions endpoint financial data visualization.

⦁ Continuous stream of transaction updates

Financial statement analysis receive notifications via a webhook whenever there are fresh transactions connected to linked accounts to stay informed.

Investment Planning

Working with thousands of business companies around the world for Ideas

Financial data analysis due to the fact that this endpoint initiates a synchronous request for new data, latency may be higher than it is for other Kuboon endpoints; if you experience problems, you may need to change the timeout period for your requests

  • Socially Responsible Investment

  • Comprehensive Investment Plans

  • Financial Planning for Business

  • Tax Mitigation Strategies

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Contact Our Support Team

You may always rely on our amiable support team when you require expert financial assistance for problems that cannot be fixed with our knowledge base. We offer phone and chat support 24/7. Your financial inquiries can be answered by our friendly support team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Automated data extraction

  • Country-wise address databases

  • Financial Planning for Business

  • Real-time ghost address detection

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