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SMB Lending

Finally changing the status quo of manually sending and receiving bank statements and clients' info via email or even paper. 

Merchant Cash Advance

Providing merchant cash advances all the financial insight in seconds securely and safely. 

Consumer Lending

Providing consumer lenders a full view of financial insights to better gauge overall creditworthiness in real time. 

Payment Processing

Giving the option to even process payments singularly or in batch format and truly creating an all-in-one platform. 

Payment Processing Icon.png

Personal Lending

Showing a quick easy glance at personal income and debt that's calculated based on transaction history and income history within seconds. 


Contact us to show you in 30 minutes how we can save time and money. 

Along with taking away all the headaches of waiting for your development teams to implement. 


Thanks for submitting!We will be in contact shorlty.

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