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Quick and Easy Way to Check Your Account Balance with Kuboon

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Verify Account Balance

Retrieve real-time balance information through Kuboon.



Real-time data

Verify real-time account balances Though it would not have been possible to create a data solution that even came close to Kuboon, we might have spent years doing so.


Open Banking/PSD2 integrations

Kuboon’s integrations with financial data software, Open Banking, and PSD2 compliant deliver secure and reliable access to U.S. financial infrastructures. Kuboon's solution, Balance, allows users to get real-time Balance data via /accounts/balance/get. When determining whether an account has enough money before using it as a financing source for a money transfer, this real-time finance data can be useful. The current balance for each item's account is returned using the /accounts/balance/get endpoint. Only /accounts/balance/get compels the available and current balance fields to be refreshed rather than cached, although other endpoints may return a balance object. Existing items added using any of Kuboon's other products can be used with this endpoint. Balance itself is not a product that may be used to initialize Link; instead, this endpoint can only be used after Link has been initialized with any other product.


Current and available balance

Balance normally returns both the available and current balance data. The available balance should be utilized for use cases including fraud detection and insufficient funds (NSF) protection since it represents the expected balance net of any ongoing transactions, unlike the current account balance, which does not. The term "available balance" refers to money that is in the account but is not the same as the overall value of the account. For instance, it shows the total available cash for an investment bank balance check online while for credit accounts it shows the amount that can be spent (net of any pending transactions) before reaching the credit limit. Financial institutions can fail to provide information on available balances. If that occurs, you can determine the available amount by beginning with the current balance, and account transactions, using the Transactions product to find any outstanding transactions, and then modifying the Account balance as necessary

Investment Planning

Working with thousands of business companies around the world for Ideas

Banking analytics due to the fact that this endpoint initiates a synchronous request for new data, latency may be higher than it is for other Kuboon endpoints; if you experience problems, you may need to change the timeout period for your requests

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  • Comprehensive Investment Plans

  • Financial Planning for Business

  • Tax Mitigation Strategies

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